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Andrew Picouleau

See Andrew's handwritten biog.

Ash Wednesday

For detailed information about Ash, his music and his projects, visit the Ash Wednesday web site

Al Webb

Short biog here.



Many invited guests have appeared on Metronomes recordings. Partners, friends, people off the street. Even some musicians!

Lyn Gordon

An unexpected yet spectacular brooding vocal performance from Lyn Gordon on Al's tune 'Waiting'. Lyn has been a long term musical cohort of Ash's, most significantly with Crashland (who produced one classic CD) and The Tingler. For more information about these groups visit Ash Wednesday's web site. The Tingler still do occasional gigs around Melbourne.

Bob Kretschmer

Bob was part of the crowd we all mixed in, Carlton circa 1980. He did weird musical things with guitar which we liked. He went on to become a long term member of Iva Davies' Icehouse.

Rick Lewis, aka Spencer Spencer

Rick is a great mate with a great voice who writes his own quirky songs, a number of which were recorded in the 80's and released under the name Spencer Spencer. Rick bobbed up on a number of early tracks. Also contributed the major artwork on all Metronomes 80's vinyl releases.

Steve Von Braund

Synthesiser pioneer, one half of the cult Australian electronic duo Cybotron. Steve had one of the first ARP 2600 sequencers in Australia, you know, those brutes which stood about a metre tall and you had to use cables to connect the VCO to the VCF, etc. The sequencer on 'Music For Lounges' was recorded using this beast. This song is available as a free download.

Maurie Bund

Maurie Bund played guitar on 'Sunday Morning', and keyboards on 'The World is My Oyster'. Andrew had been playing with Maurie in a band called Popgunmen. Maurie had come to Melbourne from Adelaide (as Martin D'art) with XRayZ and they had broken up after recording on the Suicide album and touring with Lou Reed. Maurie's brother Peter Rich had invited Andrew to work with him and another former XrayZ member Jon Wilkinson. Maurie later joined this group.

Chris Malherbe

Chris Malherbe played guitar on one track on the Regular Guys album ('Make it Plain') and trumpet on 'Messages from Home'. He also played guitar on Andrew's Play Our Favourites track, 'Almost Cut My Hair'. Andrew had known Chris for a very long time had shared a house Carlton with him for a while in which they had a rehearsal room set up Chris had been playing around Carlton for slightly longer than Andrew, but by the time he played on Regular Guys his most recent gig was playing trumpet in Hunters and Collectors.


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