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Al entered the Melbourne, Australia music scene as a rock journalist and aspiring rock star. Experience as the former eroded the dream of the latter, although the flame never died completely and Al played in a rock band called Streetlife. Their song "Streetlife", written by Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool, Mondo Rock, etc) and David Pepperell was included on an independent compilation called "The Melbourne Club".

After about ten years as a record reviewer Al completely lost interest in current music and didn't really emerge from this musical hibernation until the mid-90s, when a friend played him some stuff as if to prove that there was something out there besides boy groups, girl groups and bad-rhyming rap artists.

The serendipitous meeting of an acquaintance at a multimedia exhibition who just happened to live across the road from mutual friend Ash Wednesday led to the meeting which ultimately led to the idea to do some new Metronomes recordings using modern software.

More info on Al is available at his web site,


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